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In Support Of Records was set up in 2019 with the aim of supporting great music and great causes. We run events and release music to raise funds for charities and causes close to our hearts. Our first event was a tribute night for the late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith in August 2019. The event was sold-out with 200 people attending, raising more than £1,350 for the charity Help Musicians UK.

This was followed in November 2019 by the single launch by the band Calebo for their song 'One Last Song.' The song was written about the loss of a friend, who passed away after battling ovarian cancer. The event raised £486 which was donated to Ovarian Cancer Action and a local actress/musician Suzie Aries to raise funds for her ovarian cancer immunotherapy treatment.

After a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, we took to the stage once again in July 2022 for the launch of Calebo's single 'I'm Only a Guest in the House of the Lord', at a successful event at Roadtrip & the Workshop in Old Street.


We hope to continue the success going forwards!


“You're amazing! Thank you so much.”

Ovarian Cancer Action


“Thank you so much for your donation to Help Musicians raised in your fabulous event”

Belinda Dee, Help Musicians UK

"Amazing total raised! Thank you so much!"

Suzie Aries, actress/musician

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